Foundation Trap Shoot on KGW

By Mel Tashima Duncan, Foundation Director

Our 4th Annual HBF Trap Shoot fundraiser  was a great time!  Most of you know how much the market has impacted the home building industry.  Still, 200 avid shooters and Foundation fanatics showed up to “take a shot a homelessness”.  We were thrilled with the turn out, and thankful for the support.

In the early morning “o-dark-thirty” , before the actual event started, we hosted Drew Carney from KGW television (NBC affiliate). Not only did this create a dozen spots on the morning news promoting the HBF and the event, it was fairly entertaining television. Though I would have loved our message to be much more cause related, the “hook” was the Trap Shoot as a unique fund raising event.

Here’s a link to all the spots, streamed together.  A very special thanks to Drew and the KGW crew!!!


· Portland Gun Club hosted our event, their board volunteered to work the event and waived any range fees – they were splendid

· Chuck O’Rourke, HBF President (First American Title) did a great job on-camera for the Foundation

· Jeff Steffl, our sharp shooter champ from last year, from ProBuild, demonstrated how trap is supposed to be executed