Foundation’s Mentoring Program “Pays it Forward”

For Building Industry Scholarship award recipients, mentorship opportunities with industry professionals provide some of the most successful methods of ensuring career exploration and “future thinking.”

With this in mind, the Foundation created the Collective Student Mentoring Program in 2007. This program offers “collective” workplace mentoring for building industry students during the workday. The end goal is to help students gain exposure to a business’ day-to-day operations and to develop the communication and problem-solving skills necessary for successful teamwork and a rewarding career in the building industry.

This unique program was also designed to “Pay It Forward” – That is, to introduce students to the importance of community service and the role of business associations in their local communities. Through hands-on volunteerism, students not only make needed contributions to the HBA and Foundation, but also come away with a broader understanding of their community and business network and experience the reward of helping others.

“We’re about empowering these kids and helping each and every one of them realize that they can make a positive difference in the industry, within the association and in others’ lives,” said HBF President George Lorance.

We make becoming a Student Mentor easy.  The Collective Student Mentoring Program provides an opportunity for a lead mentor and team of professionals from several businesses to “collectively” mentor a student in the workplace for six to nine months.

The program is designed to be informal and flexible: mentors and mentees determine the scope of the mentorship. At a minimum, mentors are asked to meet with students at a company worksite twice a month for 90 minutes. Many students will also schedule “shadow time,” assist in administrative capacities, work on setting career goals and pursue a project or product relevant to the student the work of the company.

“We’re looking for members and businesses in a position to give time,” said Lorance. Many of our members have insights and experiences invaluable to the students. We want our scholarship recipients to know that not only are we investing in their education, we’re investing in their future.”