City of Portland honors Rick Lesniak

City of Portland honors Rick Lesniak

Rick Lesniak, HBF Board Member and Builder Captain for the recently completed Raphael House project, was honored by the City of Portland and its Coordinating Committee to End Homelessness (CCEH) on July 21. Each year, CCEH selects individuals and organizations to receive Achievement Awards in honor of their leadership and dedication in helping to address and end homelessness in our community.

Awards were presented by City of Portland Housing Commissioner Nick Fish, Multnomah County Commissioner Deborah Kafoury and Lio Alaalatoa, the 2009 winner in the individual category. The awarding committee received several nominations for talented and dedicated individuals, and in the end chose two organizations and eight individuals to receive the award, including Rick.

Rick became the Builder Captain of Raphael House in late 2008. Builder Captains volunteer their project management time to HomeAid projects, helping to underwrite the costs of the project and secure donations so that more resources can be spent on the direct service to homelessness programs. Seizing every opportunity to ask his business peers for donations of time and materials, Rick got 40% of the cost donated on the project. Those savings were directly passed on to Raphael House, which now has an extra $220,000 to provide services to women and children.

Just after the start of this year, the Rick and his vendors helped the HBF to complete the Comprehensive Advocacy Center, which is now providing counseling, healthcare, child care and education to thousands of women and children. Due to Rick’s personal commitment to both the HBF and Raphael House, both organizations will be able to make a lasting impression on those in the community who need support the most. Because of his commitment, Rick will also be recognized by Raphael House at their awards dinner in October.

Congratulations, Rick. You deserve it!