Glitz and Glamour: What to wear to a 1920’s themed auction

Many have asked for ideas on what to wear to our auction, coming up on April 22 at the Melody Ballroom. The 1920’s were full of sophistication, glamour, and of course a little bit of fun. Here are some ideas on what to wear to the event if you’re choosing to come dressed 1920’s themed.

For men: Zoot suits were very popular. You can pull this look off with a pinstripe or all black suit and by adding accessories such as a fedora, a tommy gun or a flower in your lapel.

For examples of what a zoot suit looks like, click here, here or here.

For women: Dresses with just above the knee hemlines became very popular in the 20’s. Fringe and feathers were popular for flappers, and other accessories become statement pieces for women. Hats, colored/patterned stockings, handbags and jewelry were added for the first time as a part of women’s fashion. Color was also very popular, but is often lost in the black and white photos prevalent in that time period.

Local costume shops:
Helens Pacific Costumers
Halloween Warehouse (they carry costumes all year, not just for Halloween)
Hollywood Portland Costumers

Even The Lippman Co. carries a nice selection of pre-packaged costumes.

If you don’t want to come in 1920’s attire, that’s okay, too. Many people will also be in cocktail or business attire.

We’re looking forward to seeing many of our supporters at the event! See you on April 22.