New Release- 2010 Annual Report of the 10YP

We are pleased to release the 2010 Annual Report of the 10-Year Plan for Portland/Multnomah County. Last year, our community effectively worked together across jurisdictions and with community partners to achieve the following successes:

· Moved 2,272 households from homelessness to permanent housing, which included 396 families, 544 chronically homeless individuals, 36 youth, 288 survivors of domestic violence and 1,008 other homeless households.
· Multnomah County Department of County Human Services secured funds to provide year-round shelter for families. At least 150 families received emergency shelter and assistance, of which 100 families were assisted in moving to permanent homes.
· Home Forward (formerly known as the Housing Authority of Portland) provided 7,707 households with permanent homes through the Section 8 voucher program.
· 1,112 individuals secured employment, including youth, heads of households and survivors of domestic violence. Furthermore, 4,852 individuals received employment services and/or training for enhanced economic opportunity.

These are just a few of the many highlights from the past year. A full list of goals and outcomes is contained in the report.

Jennifer Chang, MPH
Program Coordinator, Ending Homelessness Initiative