HBF partners with Boys and Girls Aid and the City of Beaverton to give homeless youth a place to call home

The Home Builders Foundation is pleased to announce that it will be a builder partner for an innovative transitional housing program for homeless youth in Washington County. HBF will partner with both the City of Beaverton and Boys & Girls Aid. The project, initiated by the City of Beaverton through application for federal funding from the Community Development Block Grant allowed for the purchase of a 4-Plex in Beaverton. Ownership of the facility was gifted to Boys & Girls Aid in July 2012. The 4-Plex will be used to assist with housing for the Transitional Living Program at Boys & Girls Aid.

Since 1885 Boys & Girls Aid has helped children, teens and young adults make smart choices and protected those whose choices have been taken away. The Transitional Living Program (TLP) which provides a stable and supportive environment for homeless youth, ages 16 to 23, who lack the resources to successfully transition to self-sufficiency. The program builds skills and capacities that contribute to the healthy, positive, and productive functioning of youth into adulthood. After a few months in the program the youth live independently, they will finish their high school education, attend community college, gain employment and attend weekly skill building sessions.  Youth can be in TLP for two years. This facility will be used by clients in TLP and will allow an annual savings of nearly $9,000 to Boys & Girls Aid. This savings will be used toward client support.

The partnership with the City of Beaverton and Boys & Girls Aid is receiving extraordinary support from the community and promises to be one of the Home Builders Foundation’s higher profile projects. The Home Builders Foundation will join in the partnership to rehabilitate the property and prepare it for the youth who will call it home.  The 4-Plex was built in the 1950’s and will require several upgrades to make it a great home for the youth.  It will be receiving a new roof, new windows and siding before the winter weather arrives.  The Home Builders Foundation will assign a builder captain to oversee the project and reach out to the home building industry to help with discounted or donated time and materials for a number of interior and exterior improvements, including bathroom and kitchen repairs, flooring, heating upgrades, landscaping, and more.  The project will need to be completed by early 2013.

On October 18th, the mayor of Beaverton, public officials, including several of our local Congressional delegation, gathered with friends of Boys & Girls Aid and Home Builders Foundation for the official ‘kick-off’ media event.

If you are interested in learning how you or your company can get involved in helping with this project or any of our upcoming projects, please contact the HBF at 503-684-1880.