Silver and Crystal Gala Sneak Peek – Top Gun Experience

Have you ever wonder what it’s like to fly like Maverick and Goose? Here’s your chance!

MaverickBid on a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be a fighter pilot for a day at the Silver & Crystal Gala. Package includes you, as a guest pilot, flying real military fighters alongside licensed fighter pilots in the cockpit. All aircraft are outfitted with three high-end digital multi-camera systems to capture your fighter pilot experience, as well as a tracking system that verifies an air-to-air “kill.”

You will be briefed beforehand on basic fighter tactics, rules of engagement, and the physiological effects of G-forces. Then you’ll climb into the cockpit with an instructor pilot for the thrill of a lifetime! You will practice formation flying, basic maneuvers and engage in 5-6 dogfights. The entire experience is recorded on a mini-DVD from three onboard cockpit cameras. These tapes are used for debriefing purposes and are yours to keep!

Flights deploy from Portland August 5-7 or Seattle August 9-24, 2014.

The only way to bid on this exclusive experience package is to be at the Silver & Crystal Gala on April 4 at the luxurious Nines Hotel in downtown Portland. To purchase your table or tickets, click here.