What is “trap shooting”?

Every year, Home Builders Foundation hosts a Trap Shoot – but what is trap shooting?

Trap FieldTrap shooting is the oldest shotgun shooting sport in America. Trap shooting derives its name from the device, called a trap, which throws clay targets into the air. Participants shoot at the clay targets thrown from a trap house located in front of the shooter. The trap rotates in a random sequence, presenting the shooter with a variety of going away shots, angling to the right, left and flying straightaway.

Trap is usually shot in squads of five shooters. A round of trap consists of 25 targets per shooter. A trap field has five positions, or stations, numbered consecutively from left to right. Five clay targets, sometimes referred to as “birds,” are thrown for each shooter at each position, with one shot being fired at each bird. After firing five rounds in rotation, each squad member moves one station to his right, with the shooter on station five moving over to station one.

If you’d like to learn more about trap shooting, or just come try it out, we invite you to join us at the 10th Annual HBF Trap Shoot! This team competition is a fun and unique way to support HBF while building camaraderie with your employees, coworkers or friends. Held on September 12th at the Portland Gun Club, this event is not one to miss! Click here for more information on the event and how to get involved.