National Alliance to End Homelessness releases report on Oregon homelessness

Oregon_state_sealThe National Alliance to End Homelessness released its 2014 report of the State of Homelessness in America last month. While Oregon’s rate of homelessness has dropped, there was also some distressing news in the report about the state of homelessness in Oregon.

  • While the overall rate of homelessness in Oregon fell 12.6%, the number of homeless veterans rose by 10.2% since 2012.
  • Oregon’s rate of homelessness is 35.2 individuals per 10,000 residents – well above the national average of 19 individuals.
  • There were 13,822 homeless people reported in Oregon during the January 2013 census. Of those, 7,390 individuals were left unsheltered.
  • The 2013 census was the first time unaccompanied children were counted – and they found nearly 200 unaccompanied Oregon children were living in shelters or outdoors.

To read the full report, please click here. For more information on how you can help Home Builders Foundation help homeless individuals in our community, please visit our Get Involved page or contact Brenda.