Bank of the West gives $10,000 grant for shelter preservation

BofWCheckPresentationwebBank of the West, a longtime supporter of the Home Builders Foundation (HBF), recently gave a $10,000 grant to the organization. This grant was specifically for the Shelter Preservation Project, a first-of-its-kind project focusing on shelters in danger of closing.

“Many shelters operate on shoe-string budgets and maintenance is often deferred in favor of funding operations,” Ken Cowdery, executive director of the HBF explains. “This leads to shelters that are run down and in danger of closing. Emergencies such as roof collapses, HVAC failures and more are eminent for a number of shelters in the Portland area.”

HBF will first focus its efforts on surveying shelters to see what common needs arise and then work with its contacts in the residential home building industry to fulfill the most immediate and pressing needs of shelters. The goal of this project is to prevent the loss of precious shelter beds due to shelter closure.

HBF would like to thank Kimberly Wheeler at Bank of the West for helping secure this grant. Throughout the years she’s been involved with HBF, Kimberly has secured $60,000 for the Foundation.

“The HBF won my heart back in 2005 by all the kind work they do to assist these non-profits, I am very proud to be their banker but even more proud to be a consistent contributor for these projects that help build better lives and futures for these shelters,” explains Kimberly.

If you would like to get involved in this project, or any other HBF project, please contact Brenda Ketah.