Spreading joy with the HBF Christmas Choir

The official name is “The World Famous Home Builders Foundation Christmas Choir and Kazoo Band,” and is led by the one and only Luke Morley of Lakeside Lumber, who is a past president of the Home Builders Foundation, active on several HBF committees including the Auction, Trap Shoot, Workforce Development, as well as volunteering with Painting a Better Tomorrow and supporting HBF shelter projects.

“The choir performed first at the Portland Children’s Museum in 2005 and 2006. That’s how the Kazoo element got added to the mix.  We had some toys for the kids at the Children’s museum, one of which were some kazoos I had purchased.  After a few minutes, the moms would start handing us back the kazoos. Stuck with a bunch of extra kazoos I thought I’d better make use of them and worked them into the act,” says Morley.

Luke Morley and the HBF Christmas Choir started visiting HBF shelters in 2007, plus an annual performance at the PRO Turkey Fry.  They visited three shelters this holiday season including, Goose Hollow Family Shelter, Cordero House and the Salvation Army’s Veterans and Family Shelter.   All three shelters have been project sites for the Home Builders Foundation in the past and is a great way to stay connected with our shelter providers.

“Following in the footsteps of our leader, Brother Luke, we spread joy and maybe a little harmony at the three shelters we visited. What a fun group of people!” says Tim Nacrelli, HBF Board member and Christmas Choir singer for many years. “There is always room for more singers if you are interested next holiday season, just let Luke know. You will likely see him at every HBF or HBA event between now and then!” says Brenda Ketah, Executive Director of the Home Builders Foundation.