Mission & Programs

We believe that every individual has worth, and that shelter is a necessity of life.

Shelter Development
Home Building Foundation-HomeAid Portland facilitates the building (new construction) or renovation of dignified housing for the temporarily homeless. Home Building Foundation-HomeAid Portland recruits “Builder Captains” who are partnered with local non-profit shelter providers seeking to expand or improve facilities designed to house individuals and families in need of temporary shelter. Click here to find out about our latest projects.

Painting A Better Tomorrow
Home Building Foundation-HomeAid Portland also administers volunteer programs to improve the livability and function of local care providers’ existing facilities. Its annual volunteer blitz and shelter care event, Painting a Better Tomorrow, allows volunteers to directly contribute to the maintenance of local homeless shelters, most of whom operate on a shoestring budget and have few available funds for maintenance costs. Shelter providers can submit an application to be a part of Painting A Better Tomorrow, and volunteers can sign up online.

Workforce Development
Home Building Foundation-HomeAid Portland awards high school and college scholarships to those interested in pursuing a career in the residential home building industry. Home Building Foundation administers four scholarship funds, the Jim Irvine Statewide Scholarship Fund, the Northeast Oregon Scholarship Fund, the Professional Remodelers Organization Scholarship Fund, and the Gary E. Milgard Scholarship Fund. Scholarship applications are available through the Oregon Student Access Commission.  Click here for more information about our scholarship opportunities.

Home Building Foundation-HomeAid Portland hosts a variety of fundraising events throughout the year, including the Building Hope Gala & Auction, the HBF Trap Shoot, and the Foundation Builders Breakfast. Click here for more information about our annual events.